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Presentations for the ECIS IT Conference

                            International School of Dusseldorf (Germany) March 2007


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Using Web 2.0 Tools to Create a Professional Learning Environment



Every professional educator needs online spaces for portfolio development and fostering interaction and collaboration. This presentation will look at online tools that can be used to collate and present resources, to invite community interaction and contributions and to use as a platform for personal expression. It will take the perspective of the educator who has needs for storage of ideas and tools, presentation of educational artefacts, collaboration and access to other educators online. Using freely available Web 2.0 tools every educator can develop a PLE to complement their educational objectives. This presentation focuses on implementing established online resources including blogging, wiki development, social networking tools and podcasting.



Wikis that Work: Practical and Pedagogical Applications of Wikis in the Classroom



A wiki is free, functional and fabulous. This presentation will reveal how a wiki-centric classroom can easily be developed to provide a constructivist tool for collaboration, communication, publishing, presentation and assessment. Topics covered include the nuts and bolts of setting up a wiki, ideas for classroom use and best practice use of wikis internationally. The Edublog 2006 award winning wiki “Flat Classroom Project” will be featured along with a discussion of how to integrate Web 2.0 tools into the wiki environment.


Podcasting in the Classroom: Tools and Techniques



What is podcasting and why should educators be including it as part of their curriculum?  Join Chris Chater and Julie Lindsay for some fun exploring podcasting tools and methods. They will share their own individual approach and use global examples to discuss podcast pedagogy as it relates to technology integration and as an extra-curricular activity. An exchange of ideas, discussion about issues and trends and best-practice use of podcasting is encouraged in the session.


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