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Welcome to Julie Lindsay's Presentation Wiki

This is where resources and links can be found to support my presentations and research into 21st Century learning.

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Coming Up


MICDS Summer Institute:


ISTE 2010


Flat Classroom Workshop @ ASB Unplugged, Mumbai, India, 2010


Beijing Learning Summit 2009


Flat Classroom Workshop 21CL@HK


ictQatar Conference 2009


ECIS 2009


Flat Classroom Conference, Doha, Qatar, 2009


Learning 2.008 

Shanghai, September, 2008




Featured Presentations



NECC 2008, San Antonio


  • Leadership Symposium
  • Birds of a Feather
  • NETS Connect
  • ISTE International Presentation
  • "We Teach the World: The Global Collaborative Classroom" ISTE SIGTel Workshop





Past Presentations

  (See also the archived presentations accessible via the menu)



GETEX and ISTE: Global Forum on Technology and Innovation in Education







21st Century Learning

Presentation to ICT Coordinators, Qatar, February 2008



Personal Learning Networks

ECIS / ISTE IT Leadership Conference

Prague, January 2008


Short slidshow sharing ideas to help facilitate conversations about professional development and 21st century skills for education.



Flatten Your Classroom and Embrace 21st Century Global Learning

ECIS Conference, Madrid, Spain (November 21-25, 2007)


The award winning Flat Classroom Project (ISTE SIGTel Online Learning Award 2007) showed that global collaboration using Web 2.0 tools can easily 'flatten' the walls of the classroom and promote better understanding between all participants. This session will look at the concept and practice of a flat classroom in the 21st century and suggest strategies for inclusion in your classroom and school.

Supporting websites:





Web 2.0 Cocktail

Wikis that Work


E-Learning for Life

The E-Learning For Life strategy is a 21st century initiative for the next generation. It is part of the 5-year strategic plan at Qatar Academy, Doha. This presentation was given to the Board of Governors recently in order to justify an increase in spending on hardware, professional development and infrastructure.


Qatar Reading Association, DohaBlogging to Support Literacy

November 14, 2007



A blog is like an online diary...but wait! It is much more. A blog is a tool to support connection, communication and collaboration. It is also a vital way for students and teachers to interact within a classroom and between classrooms. This session explores the pedagogical uses of blogging to support literacy and reveals some easy steps to get started with your own blog.



NESA at ASD, Doha, Qatar November 6, 2007  'Wikis that Work!'



ECIS IT Conference (March 22-25, 2007)





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