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Professional Learning Environment and Web 2.0 Tools


Web 2.0 Tools

  • 'Digital Portfolio Wiki': The central focus of the PLE. It is the core of all other activity with everything else radiating from it.
  • Blogs: Both professional and classroom blogs are represented to show professional development and involvement in education
  • Online Social Networking Tools: This includes spaces for sharing images and bookmarks amongst other options
  • Web 2.0 Productivity Tools: These are often used on a daily basis to find information and create interfaces for personal or shared use
  • Educational Wikis: Why only have one wiki? Wikis are so useful and versatile they are a useful addition to any toolkit
  • Other Online Areas: Online storage and interaction areas for podcasts, videos etc such as YouTube, Google Video, Blip.tv, Archive.org, Podomatic



Getting started with Web 2.0 Tools

My favourite Web 2.0 Tools


Where Do You Think You're Going, Mister!?


More recent updates to the Web 2.0 Toolbox...including some favourite 'Toys'


Slideshare: Share PPT and PDF files just like you share YouTube videos! Files can also be embedded in web pages.

Scribd: A free online library of files. Files convert into PDF, PPT, Word and MP3. Files can be embeedded in web pages.

FeedBlender: Lets you combine a number of feeds into one

ChinSwing: Online audio channels and conversations

Stumble Upon: Find amazing things on the Internet!

MeeboMe Widget: Chat window right on you web page


View RSS feed


Blog Toys


Technorati (for publicizing and tracking your blog)

Talkr  ('speaks' your blog post)

GCast (embed audio)

ClustrMaps (put a map on a web page and track the location and number of visitors)

GeoVisitors (another location and tracking tool)

NeoWorx (another location and tracking with cool visual features)

MyBlogLog (reports details of who is looking at your blog)

ClockLink (put clocks on a web page and set them to different times)

Library Thing (feed your favourite books onto the blog)


Also, don't forget about feeding photos through flickr and bookmarks through delicious onto your blog (various formats available)


Modern Day Bully



 A Day in the Life of a Global, Connected Educator

Read this account of an average 'day' (actually a few days, condensed) of the sort of activities that have become common place in my life as an educator.

Online collaboration:

  • With students
  • With colleagues
  • With a Pulitzer Prize winning author (Thomas Friedman)

Online resources

  • IBO Online Curriculum Centre

Online mentors: Using the collective wisdom of my extended network

Using VOIP to speak to a teacher workshop in the USA on global collaboration

Sharing a video on YouTube: Podcast Bangladesh viewed nearly 2000 times already!

Immediacy, collaboration, interaction, networking, socializing, connecting, learning.....


You have to watch this......

Michael Wesch and 'The Machine is Us/Ing Us' from the Department of Cultural Anthropology, Kansas State University.

This is the 'final version', released on march 8, 2007. He calls it 'Web 2.0 in less than 5 minutes'.

The original version had been viewed nearly 2 million times. In 2 weeks this has been viewed over 17,000 times.






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