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Wikis that Work

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Wikis That Work


Practical and Pedagogical Applications of Wikis in the Classroom


Wiki Nuts and Bolts


Common Craft and 'Wikis in Plain English'

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Some common questions and issues

  • Wikipedia: reliability and authenticity of information questioned, however it can be a great resource for students to research and an authentic project that students can contribute to
  • Essential features of a wiki: web pages, discussion tabs, history trail, management and control
    • Different management levels to suit user needs
    • Potentially, anyone can contribute, edit and delete
    • List and print pages
    • Explore the history of each page and 'revert' back to a previous version
    • Use of discussion/comments tabs
    • Embed multimedia: audio, video, images, RSS



Wiki as a disruptive technology in education

(a definition of disruptive technologies: innovations that drastically change the course by which users connect, engage, and relate with the world and transform society)

  • WikiHow: The 'How to' manual that anyone can write and edit
  • Amopedia: A community for sharing information about the products you like most


Pedagogical uses of wikis in the classroom

Essential features of a Wiki-centric classroom

    • Collaborative: shared experiences
    • Engaging and supports social learning
    • Opportunities for publication: teacher and student
    • Opportunities for interaction
    • Ability to use Web 2.0 tools
    • Online learning, 24/7
    • Fosters development of information literacy skills

Best practice use of wikis to support curriculum objectives

  • ITGS wiki
    • Course content development and syllabus outlines and timetable
    • Online assignments and projects
    • Provides for student-student and student-teacher interaction
    • Assessment, presentation

Some other uses of wikis

  • More examples




Collaboration and global communication


    Flat Classroom Project


Review Video (created by Julie Lindsay)

YouTube location

TeacherTube location



Web 2.0 tools used with the wiki to support online collaboration

  • Audio recording, podcasting and wiki page embedding (e.g. Evoca)
  • Video hosting and and embedding (e.g. YouTube and Google Videos)
  • Communication tools (e.g. Skype, IM)

Other best practice examples of wiki-centric projects

Getting started with wikis



Video: How to embed a video onto a wiki page

This video was created for the Flat Classroom project and shows how to embed a Google video onto a wikispaces wiki. The same pronciple applies to other video hosting websites and alternative wiki sites.


 Julie Lindsay, March 2007



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